Referrals Earn Free Credit!

Tell your friends about our services, and earn a $5 credit when they place their first order! Your friend will also get a $5 credit on their first order!

Referrals are only offered through the CleanCloud Customer App, available through the App Store and Google Play.

How to refer a friend

  1. Get the CleanCloud Customer App if you don’t have it.
CleanCloud App logo

2. Open the CleanCloud App, select Beach Solar Laundromat, then Settings, then “Get Free Credit”.

3. Your unique referral code will appear on your screen.

4. Use “Invite friends” to share your referral code with them. You can share this code through e-mail, Facebook, Messenger, Chat etc. directly from the app. Share with as many friends as you want!

Then what happens?

When your friend first uses the app as a new customer, they can use your unique code by entering it in the “Invite / promo code” box on the signup page. They can only do this when they’re first signing up after installing the app.

The new customer will get a $5 discount as a result of the referral, in addition to our normal SignUp10 discount which gives them 10% off their first order. They only need to enter the referral code in the “Invite / promo code” box once.

Each successful referral will earn you, the referring friend, a $5 credit on your next order with us.

The referral program is only offered through the app. We don’t have the ability to track who made a referral, nor who was referred to us by an existing client, other than through the app.

Any questions? E-mail me, Alex Winch, at