Laundromat Open, Monk’s Limited Opening Starting Friday April 24

This UPDATED letter was posted in our store window, April 22, 2020.

These are extraordinary times.

Wash and Fold: Monk’s has been given permission to open the Wash and Fold for essential needs customers only, which is defined as seniors and immune-compromised customers, who are not in quarantine or mandatory isolation. Pickups can be booked at

Clothes will further quarantine in our shop for 48 hours, before our team of Ladies does the laundry. Clothes will be ready for pickup approximately 50 hours after intake.

New Monk’s hours: Monday – Friday, 08:00 am to 4:00 pm, starting Friday April 24.

Dry Cleaning: Our wholesaler is still closed. Previously completed dry cleaning can be picked up during store hours. New dry cleaning work can be brought in, but we cannot commit a return date.


  • I ask customers to please do the minimum amount of laundry you need to get through this. If you can let the laundry pile up for two weeks, and not come to the Laundromat, that’s an effective form of social distancing. Think of it as putting your laundry in quarantine.
  • In the Laundromat, please maintain personal social distancing to any extent possible.
  • Bring hand sanitizer. Staff have hand sanitizer and gloves for their use. We have a soap dispenser and paper towels by the sink at the back of the shop. Please wash your hands after touching coins or surfaces.
  • Washing clothes with soap kills Covid-19. From the washer, minimize surface contact for your clothes. Take care with the dryers, to minimize contact with external handles and surfaces. Fold at home if you can.
  • We’re washing the floors daily, and wiping down customer touch points regularly with disinfectant throughout each day. We’re not here in the evening or early morning.  Our absence is both a social distancing opportunity and a personal risk exposure for customers. Personal risk management can mitigate our absence.
  • Please respect the other users of the Laundromat, and effect good social distancing. The green tape on the floor marks 6’ squares.
  • For anyone especially concerned about cleanliness, I suggest coming to the Laundromat first thing in the morning. The nightly scrubdown and floor wash & disinfect will be fresh in the morning, and the washed floor will be dry. Laundromat hours are 05:30 am to 10:30 pm.

As Toronto continues to make progress with the Covid-19 pandemic, I expect to be able to further open our operations, with a view to ultimately resuming normal business.

With cooperation and grace, we will get through this in good health.

Thank you for your efforts to keep us all clean and safe.

Alex Winch.
Cell (416) 712-1488